“The structural steel is the most ductile of the widely used engineering materials. This advantageous property of steel is often implicitly used by design professionals. However, there are many situations in which an explicit approach to the design of ductile steel structures is necessary because the inherent material ductility alone is not sufficient to provide the desired ultimate performance.” [cit. “Ductile Design of Steel Structures, M.Bruneau, C.M. Uang, A. Whittaker]

SIX-STORY STEEL FRAME BUILDING (view complete calculation report)

In this example, the behaviour of a simple, six-story structural steel moment-resisting frame is investigated using a variety of analytical techniques.
The follow analytical techniques are employed:
-Linear static analysis
-Plastic strenght analysis
-Nonlinear static analysis
-Linear dynamic analysis

The primary purpose is to ensure the maximum ductile capacity to the structure. To achieve this aim more detailed advanced model in ABAQUS are performed.

To move away the plastic hinges from the face of the column was reduced the area of the beams’ flanges at a selected location.

Then were modeled different beam to column joint to compare the different behaviour. In the first model a welded connection was investigated.

Then was compared with the behaviuor of a bolted connection (to ensure a full-strenght connection and avoid brittle connection failure).


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